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I filed my 2015 taxes with Turbo Tax and in error I must have signed up for " IDNotify Tax Identity Restoration Benefits with Added Internet Surveillance Service" How is that for a title??? I have come to find out the Turbo Tax is a partner company of ID Notify.

To say that I am dissatisfied would be an understatement. You are unable to contact these people by phone or email to cancel and you can't reply to their emails. I was on the phone last night with Turbo Tax for hours and this did not get resolved. I did find a number to call if your identity was compromised and actually talked to a person who gave me another number.

How many numbers do you have to call to get this resolved! I can go on and on with what I have done and which numbers I have called, but it would be senseless. This is a total disaster.

I am out $45 and will have to chalk it up to a learning experience and to be more careful. I will be filing complaints with the BBB, Consumer Protection and the Attorney General.

Product or Service Mentioned: Intuit Tax Software.

Reason of review: Full refund for MAX benefits - not wanted.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Intuit Pros: Easy to use.

Intuit Cons: No real help for, Protection of identity.

  • Idnotify Ripoff
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Same thing happened to me. They ripped me off.

Basically couldn't get through doing your taxes with TurboTax without signing up for this *** service and being ripped off by TurboTax and this sister company of theirs. After being asked several times and saying no several times if I wanted to sign up for it I somehow still with signed up for it.

TurboTax can kiss my *** And if I can just get 10 people a year for the rest of my life to not use TurboTax that will be my goal. *** you you thieving bastards TurboTax.


Not sure of the issue here. During my tax setup I was prompted "Yes" or "No" to join.

The prompt explain it was 45 dollars extra and listed the services and compared it to Turbo Tax deluxe services. I hit "no". Later on I was asked again if I wanted to join and it clearly stated it was $45.00 and had a list of the services compared to turbo Tax Deluxe. Again, I hit "no".

Consequently, I was not signed up for this service. No problem.


Let's start a "class action " lawsuit


Can you please update us about what has happened now? I received a similar email about the quantity of monthly internet surveillance.

Does this mean they are only searching for hits related to personal information being distributed?

When I try to "Log In" to see what this means it sends me to an enrollment page requesting to "Create Account" to access my account. Do I proceed or just cancel?

Thank you and I appreciate anyone who has this similar issue.


Let me clarify. It's not an accident.

If you want audit protection, you MUST ACCEPT IDNOTIFY. This is a HORRIBLE approach to customers.

It is not the user's "fault". I am not the original poster.


You didn't accidentally sign up for it, they automatically included it without your permission. They say you can email them to unsubscribe from their spammy emails, but when you try their autoresponder says you have to call them to unsubscribe. Worst partnership idea ever.


Oh no, haven't you heard? Personal responsibility is a thing of the past.

No matter what errors I make or how retarded they may be, it's the fault of someone else. Always someone else.


i just filed last night. it was clear and easy to say YES or NO to the extra features bundled together.

$45 got you IDnotify, audit protection and a few more piece of mind incentives and fraud security measures.

this was one pop up that you say yes or no to. then before you checkout, you can review it and turn it down if you changed your mind.

i have no affiliation with turbo tax, i use them, and i think people need to take more time to view what's in front of their face before they complain.


This is the first year I have been unhappy with Turbo Tax. I have done my taxes through their on line service for about five years.

I did not like the sneaky way they sign you up for the

IDNotify service and the tax program itself seemed more confusing this year than before. I may consider changing to

another service.


I was able to cancel mine by calling 888-696-5358. I did not request a refund, though, because it was bundled with audit protection, which I did intend to purchase.


I am glad that you were able to cancel but what about all of your information that they have thanks to Turbo Tax. Do you have proof that IDnotify deleted your information?


I agree with these posters. When you click on a link and see the following message, run fast, run far.

I used to trust Turbo Tax. After this alliance with IDNotify, I'm disappointed in Turbo Tax. What other shady alliances do they have?

"Warning! It appears that you are about to access a website that has non-standard web address format.

Such sites may contain harmful entities such as viruses. We recommend you use extreme caution."


ya man same *** just happened to me and there is no number to even call to resolve the issue. Last time il ever use turbo tax.


That is EXACTLY what happened to me. Tried to send an email to get refund.(message I typed just kept being erased) They are a sneaky company whom I am surprised Turbo Tax partnered with.

Last year I will use Turbo Tax!!!

Yes, $45 is a lot of money. Turbo Tax users BEWARE of idnotify when doing your taxes!!!