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I filed a 1044EZ tax return using a FREE Turbotax product. At one point the program asked if i would like my return reviewed.

Not knowing better and not seeing any info or charge related to the question, i replied yes.

At the end of the on-line process I was charged over $200 for $6,000 of income. I l called customer service 3 times. Noone including a supervisor coukd help me. The party line is "too bad you clicked on "check my return" and we can't help you.

Perhaos if there was a real added value or service i might not be so furious. But i am a senior citizen living on $6,000 a year and to have Turbo take $200 out of a $390 refund is criminal activity.

Calling all class action attorneys!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Intuit Turbotax Tax Software.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Your failure to read plain English is not a cause for class action.