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I brought Turbo Tax from Office Max and found out Turbo Tax is now charging for the state download. I paid $60 for the federal and found out I now need to spend an additional $34 for the state as well as $20 for the state download.

Turbo Tax is a rip off.

You can find Tax Act for $17.95 and it includes both state and federal return plus free e-filing of your federal return.

I have used Turbo Tax for years and as of this year and Turbo Tax's gauging, I am using Tax Act as it is a better value! Enough is enough Turbo Tax!

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Turbo tax is a rip off. I did mine online. They say it is cost 80 dollars by the time I was my lilly white be-hind!!!


Turbo Tax cost me more than they got me in my return. could have saved money going to Walmart. I will never use turbo tax again


Last year I used Turbo Tax, let it fill in the state part-all online. I decided not to file with the State and they told me too bad.

Said I used their software to do the State so they were charging me for it.

Already had my charge card info. This year it looked like you could opt out of the state, but I didn't take that chance.


They tried to gouge me also. Done with these *** artists. Hope they lose all their customers and go out of business


I also was just cheated out of money. I clicked for the 39.95 option and after I entered my credit card I was told my card was being processed for $89.95.

I will never give business to this scam operation again.


So i took the option for 34$.. Filled out my tax forms, nothing was brought to my attention that the price had changed.

Put in my creditcard number. Hit the "pay now" button, and recieved "Thank you for your payment of 74$".

Clearly a case of electronic theft through deception. Class action lawsuit anyone?


canadian version no better. My spouse is disabled, i picked the diasabled button then relized we had not recieved the papers from Revenue Canada yet so i unchecked the button and finished my taxes, paid and went to file.

Reponse was cant becasue we did not have the form. Customer service said sorry nothing we can do and would not refund my money.


In the 4 years I have used TT I have seen their fees go up at least 400%. This year they charged me $96.00 to do a 1040A and a state return.

I could probably have them done at an real tax service for that. This is my last year using TT.


Why is it Turbo Tax charging after the advertisement of Free Online service. My taxes are pretty simple..

took 45 minutes to do... did them last year as cost of $15.95 (for state filing)... now they want $60.46...

I want this payment stopped and have called the bank to stop payment... Do others have a similar ISSUE with Turbo Tax?


So recently I noticed a charge on my bank statement that indicated Quickbooks Monthly Charge. Hmm, I don't use QuickBooks, so I Googled their number and called. The first lady I spoke with took some info and transferred me to another lady. Let me interject here that it's obviously an Indian call center.

Second lady takes more info and says it's coming from TurboTax and she can't help me please hold and she'll transfer me. Currently I've been on the phone for 20 minutes and have paid an extra $200 over the past few months for something that I have received no value from in return. I'll post a follow-up when/if I ever get this resolved.



I had a great experience last year with TT.Completely different this year. What a complete ripoff. I hope everyone learns their lesson and goes with another solution next year.Greedy bastards.


Same here ... Download from Amazon.

*** me off the Sate costs more than the Federal .. next year I'll be using Tax Act or some other product.


Turbo tax lost my business. They are losing customers one at a time. Frankly, they can go under because Tax Act is cheaper and easier.

La Asuncion, Heredia, Costa Rica #120950

Turbo tax charged me $29.99 to allow me the option of having the $27.99 state filing fee withheld from my refund. Clearly, I would have paid them upfront if they had disclosed they were going to charge me $29.99. I also tried to file a BBB complaint but they are not affiliated.


Turbo Tax actually charged my bank account that I used to pay for the services last year without my consent. I indicated a completely different institution's account number and my refund went into that account as it should have.

But, the charge for the service was taken out of last year's account number. I had no idea and had not transferred the money into my account from savings and it caused a charge an NSF charge on my account. How unprofessional for a Tax Service! When I tried to call the recording stated that they were not open for calls except for Mon.

through Sunday 6pm to 9pm Pacific Time. I live in Pacific Time and called at 6pm.

Frustrated as this service is way too expensive to be so shoddy! I could not find a BBB rating for Turbo Tax online, either?????


I don't believe Intuit cares whether or not they are greedy and lying to the people about their products. As long as they can get away with it and people are dumb enough to keep using them, they will keep on deceiving folks and making that corrupt American money.


I agree with the other posters. I am very disappointed.

Always used Turbo Tax to file my personal taxes along with my children. The state tax changes will cost me a lot of money. What bothers me is the "false" advertising.

I see nothing on the packaging that would have alerted me to a change in Turbo's policy. Companies should at least be upfront with consumers.


I bought the package at Costco including the state filing, as I have done in previous years. Now however, you can only do one state return (not in one state, only one return!!!) I have always prepared my biz partner's return because of our joint biz interests.

This follows them discontinuing QuickPayroll with absolutely no notice at the end of the year. This Intuit company is greedy and incompetent, don't do business with them!


I am not writing about the website or any free deals-most websites are like that. They do charge in one form or another.

When you have used a product for years and the company gets greedy, like the pay off for the banks, the people who buy the software pay the big bonuses to the website and the company. If this is the fate of these company then I am all for using their website for free amd let them lose money.


No one forced you to spend the extra money. You should post a complaint about yourself on that one.

They added the extra charges, you still paid for it, they win. Research before you buy, not after..

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