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I purchased Quicken for my business form Costco and have paid for several upgrades. This program is the most useless product I have ever owned.

One of the "fixes" was that we had to ender payments to venders and a minus and then the system changed it to a payment. However if you forgot to do this, (and why would you enter your payment as a negative?), then your payment was entered as a credit. This is one example of how moronic this program is. This an many other errors in the program have required that I hire an accountant as I am unable to run my business with the current issues with the program.

Cost to fix $800. I recently purchased QuickBooks Premiere from Costco and needed to migrate Quicken. We spent 30 min on the phone with QuickBooks. After many attempts the response was you have to call Quicken to find out what is wrong.

45 minutes in wait and then the first response form the customer service was (your software is fine) over an hour later we determined it was corrupt.

Cost for my accountant to simply migrate the file $150. I could not be any more displeased with a product than I am with Quicken.

Monetary Loss: $950.

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