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Intuit - TURBO Tax bait and switch 3 of 3 people found it helpful
Why does it say free when it isn't? all of the advertising states it is free but it certainly is not free ... afte ryou get to the end of putting in all ot the data it askes for money. even if you buy it directly it is cheaper than adding it to turbo tax deluxe which it 44 vice 29 vice the stated zero dollars for ez filers I'm not sure why they say it is free when it isn't clearly a bait and switch tactic that should not be tolerated seems like...
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I didn't like
  • Overcharged
  • Being taken advantage of
Used Turbotax for our 2015 IRS/State filing and Turbo failed to get past some sort of Federal filing problem. The online program kept looping at "Fix Federal Income" and would not proceed past. Clicking "Continue" it would loop back to"Fix Federal Income". Calling Turbo gve me, twice. women for whomEnglish was a second language and no chance at finding out whatever bug was in the program. Turbo kept asking for an additional $59.95 for 'special...
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I know I have to pay quarterly estimated taxes but this year TT failed to print vouchers. I up dated the program several times but nothing changed. I went back over the information I entered to make sure I didn't miss anything or "fat fingered" an entry and found no mistakes. I did manual calculations for the state (NJ) and figured what I needed to pay each quarter. It would have been a nasty penalty for not paying not to mention interest. ...
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I didn't like
  • Program integrity
  • No longer easy to use
  • Redundant questions
TURBO has gone from a terrific user-friendly program to a complete nightmare.I can no longer access my forms and their phone support is a joke: there is no place to click to complete the request for a call-back. After 25 years of quicken and turbo tax no-support, I should have known their offer of support was a lie.Why people who had the best programs on the market would make them worse every year (I always wait a year or two to upgrade quicken...
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I didn't like
  • Dishonest and harmful
  • Lack of product support
  • Payment processing