Intuit Turbotax Tax Software Reviews

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Price Affordability
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
For the Deluxe download version (2016), Intuit's website advertised a fixed cost for downloading the software including free e-file federal and "E-file your state return(s) for only $24.99 per state return. You may e-file up to three (3) state returns per federal tax return." However, they neglect to mention that they will charge you $44.99 to first DOWNLOAD any state forms beyond the first. So the cost to e-file the first state is $24.99 but...
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I liked
  • Product itself
I didn't like
  • Never use turbo tax again
  • Being lied to and misled
  • Getting ripped off
I think it's easier to do it yourself and mail in copies of all the 1099s and W2-Gs. That being said, last year I had a question on VA funding fee, where to put it etc. No one could help me, at least not until a few months ago, so now I have to do an amended return to get back $1987 on the feds, not sure yet how much on the State. Also, no longer need the Home and Business version, not clear on how to downgrade to the basic version. word word:...
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Just spent four hours working on a simple return and was charged for the e-file but it did not go through!Been on hold for an hour and the only resolution they give is to start over and use a different credit card??? Never using them again!!!! and now this *** site is asking me to come up with 100 friggin words to describe how pissed off I am in my review. Really? Like i have time to write a long review. Who ever heard of a limit like this for a...
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I didn't like
  • Having mistakes on my 2015 return
  • Deceptive practices
99 deluxe option or loose over $500 dollar in federal return. On top of that I chose tax return to directly deposit to my checking account.... it doesn't state that it will cost me $34.99 until the signing page. I SPENT A TOTAL OF $129 for filing a simple tax return of married joint with one kid, homeowner, no investment. I ended up paying the cost because I didn't want to try another software after spending 2 hrs on turbotax. TURBOTAX IS...
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My return was dated 2/10/2016 but, it was sent to a bank in South Dakota (I live in Florida) and they refuse to return check to Santa Barbara.. I advised I had no account with them and they had my money and was told they will keep it until the IRS request it back... Finally Santa Barbara wrote a letter to Bankcorp which I had to fax to Bankcorp. April 11 and still no refund. ALSO I HAVE TRIED TO GET TURBOTAX and there is NO phone number to be...
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I bought the premium Turbo Tax software which said it included one free state return.I completed my federal and state returns and then went to file. The program asked me for $24.99 to e file my state return. It would not file anything until I updated the software. This is on 4- 11- 2016. I updated the software and they still wanted $19.99 for my state return to be e filed. I had the same issue 2 years ago and switched last year to an alternate...
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But, once you get into more complicated taxes and forms, it's gets much harder. Luckily, they advertise that they include expert help that comes when you buy the software. Today, I found out what expert help really means. 1. Do a Google Search for Turbo Tax Help. 2. Fill out a form just to get access to the 800-number. 3. Call 800 number to find out how long you have to wait. 4. Wait for them to call you back (30 minutes). 5. Upon call...
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So pissed at turbo tax..been using them for 10 years and never had a problem..until now..everything went as ususal, it was sent and accepted in a day or so which is awesome then it says itll be deposited feb.18th.....its April 4000 check has been being held hostage with a company called TPG...had upload my license for identity purpose even after telling them 9 things to identify myself to even talk to them..said it would be 7 days for...
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So very disappointed in TurboTax this year. I have used them for seven years in a row and have never had a problem. This year I had to use the paid service and after a month and a half of waiting for my refund i instead got a letter from the IRS that says that the Obamacare / medical information was not submitted with my electronic filing. I got a hold of TurboTax to find out why they would not submit that since I filled out all of that...
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What a SCAM. I have 4 debit cards that do not charge. Turbo Tax and Intuit are complicit and I bet they get a big kickback at your expense. Watch out. When it come to getting your refund get a check. TurboTax does not tell you that the Net spend card has fees for a debit card. I wonder how much Turbo Tax gets from this deceptive practice. It is a rip off don't use it. Do your taxes and then get the refund direct from the IRS. Don't fall for...
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