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I have QuickBooks enterprise, NEVER in all the past 20+ years (since 2015 to present) of using QuickBooks products have I seen such arrogant thinking by Intuit Corp that flows down to Philippine CS. Payroll made an auto payment on my credit card for renewal. However, when I went to us it to do IRS Form 941's (payroll), it didn't work. Called Intuit and was told payroll was closed, Than tried 888-333-3451 and was eventually TXFR to Sheena...
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I didn't like
  • Cannot solve a problem with quick books
  • Too long a delay to talk to a representative
I've been using QuickBooks Pro 2015 on my desk top for many years. Since the most recent update (adding the complex password) it is even more clitchy than before. It shuts down in the middle of work which is extremely frustrating. This happens several times a day. It takes a lot longer to boot up and shut down. Now with the new complex password requirement it is even worse. I have multiple company files that I switch back and forth to all...
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I got the same run around.Calling something a feature, does not make it a feature. Quick Solutions- Call Now, ha, ha. What a joke. On hold off and on for over an hour. Passed from one customer service rep who passed the buck to her supervisor who passed me to technical support to explain that this was a feature. No heads up from QB, just locked out of my account. I mentioned that possibly the long hold time was due to other customers who also...
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We were forced - again - to buy the newest version of Quickbooks because we were informed by Intuit that our payroll updates (which we PAY for) would be held hostage until we buy the newest version of their software. That was bad enough. This is worse. Now we are being forced, by Quickbooks Pro 2016, to change our passwords (for every user) every 90 days. We do NOT accept credit card payments and never have. The option is NOT enabled in...
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I didn't like
  • Being forced to upgrade
  • Being forced to comply
  • Forced password changes

Intuit Quickbooks Management Software Review

Ever have the meta data change? I have. Jobs of one customer became jobs of another customer. Quickbook's answer was that it was my upload that was mapped incorrectly. However, the structure had been working until 2 days ago. I'm addition the server portion keeps aborting daily. As soon as I can find another software I'm dropping Quickbooks. Great theory bad roll out. Worse dupport