I have used Turbo Tax for years and have always been pleased. This year I considered going to H&R block and didn't. GIANT MISTAKE.

My fiancee and I decided to let her claim the children this year so I chose the option 'My child will be claimed by her other parent this year per agreement.'

It removed my Child tax credits and EIC, which was expected, and let me continue. I thought all was fine and did my final review. In the back end of things it re-added my EIC credit for my children, even though they are listed as 'NON DEPENDENT' on my side. But it did not raise my refund amount so I had no idea. Once she tried to file her tax's we realized they had been claimed on mine already.

Tried calling turbo tax and was hung up on. Then a lady named Maria answered and had no idea what to tell me except sorry and to amend them. It was kind of late so I figured I would try in the morning maybe talk to someone who wasn't night time help. No - got hung up on again, and then talked to someone who again just told me sorry amend them. I explained I did not know what I was supposed to amend or how. She didn't either.

I called again to just get a refund from Turbo Tax. They did not want to do this at first but after awhile I got my point across and they decided it was ok. But since I didn't pay by credit card I could not be refunded my tax preparation fees for the service. I explained they were being taken out of my refund and I wanted them back because I have to take everything to another tax firm to be redone. I was then put on hold, and once she came back she told me to call back when my tax's came and they would mail me a check - 3-5 week wait however. Whatever. I told her to put a note in my account about this and she said she would and she would email me a copy of it.

The email I got had three characters "..." followed by thank you for using turbo tax.


Review about: Intuit Tax Software.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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