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Was declined online merchant acct. Called and was directed to underwriting which, 3 levels of people talked to, said "we're a proprietary company" (what the heck is that, some privileged form of business that's not recognized by US law?) and aren't required to divulge why declined.

They send me a reject email which outlined 3 things (credit, type of business, bad merch acct history) none of which my company/me has so back to asking "What is it?" to which they replied it's none of those but something else. Shouldn't have to play 20 questions to get an answer and determine if it's something erroneous about me they're seeing or whether it's something legitimate that I, as the sole business owner am doing and/or not aware of that's violating their underwriting standards.

There should be laws here about transparency just like credit reporting; when you're denied they should be required to outline the factors and sources for you to either investigate or acknowledge that their decision is made on correct facts. No Consumer Affairs division, no ability to talk to anyone except the product support folks; that also should be fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Intuit Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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