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How about this for a possible class action suit? My server hard drive crashed a few weeks ago. Since then I have been in contact with Intuit Data Protect. I was unable to restore from their service. They escalated me to "Level 2". Today, I found out that they have no backup data since 2013! I even had called them from time to time to make sure our backups were working. Yet they had no problem charging me a monthly fee for this nonexistent... Read more

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Hi, I used turbotax online version to file my taxes, i filled my taxes and used direct deposit to pay the money i owe in year 2015 but after few months received notice from IRS state department that i owe money because i did not paid .24 cents which was not calculated by software of turbotax. When i filled claim turbotax deny to process my claim giving excuse that its not there mistake and then no one picked my call since. Its a worse way to... Read more

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I have never dealt with so many ***'s in my life as I have with Intuit/QuickBooks Online Sales people and Customer Support! What a mess! They had my upgrade to a version I didn't even want or need, then raised price on subscription, there is no way to downgrade, and then they send you a DIY list of *** you need to do yourself after they *** it up! 3 days wasted dealing with these IDIOTS! All they know how to do is apologize for stuff they... Read more

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I've been using QuickBooks Pro 2015 on my desk top for many years. Since the most recent update (adding the complex password) it is even more clitchy than before. It shuts down in the middle of work which is extremely frustrating. This happens several times a day. It takes a lot longer to boot up and shut down. Now with the new complex password requirement it is even worse. I have multiple company files that I switch back and forth to all... Read more

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I have been using Intuit POS for several years and HATE working with them. Every time I turn around I am being asked to pay more - like required upgrades to software or hardware to maintain current services. The software upgrades often end up with less capability and for sure less support. I feel held hostage and paying ransom. I have purchased my last upgrade from these guys and will celebrate the day I roll to another provider. My advice... Read more

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  • Jul 20
  • #885886

Ever have the meta data change? I have. Jobs of one customer became jobs of another customer. Quickbook's answer was that it was my upload that was mapped incorrectly. However, the structure had been working until 2 days ago. I'm addition the server portion keeps aborting daily. As soon as I can find another software I'm dropping Quickbooks. Great theory bad roll out. Worse dupport

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Didnt expect such a sneaky way to sign people up for an unwanted service. Back in march I filed my taxes using a purchased turbo tax and an ID protection service request popped up so i declined. As i was completing the filing process, the notification came up again, and again i declined. As everything was finalized, the notification popped up again so i declined yet again. As i was accepting agreements blah blah blah to file my taxes both fed... Read more

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I called Intuit because the computer I use for financial records is NOT connect to the internet - only way to be sure my financial info is NOT compromised it to not connect. I was promised a call back - no call. I called again before closing time but was on hold 45 minutes and it was then after closing time, no one ever picked up after over 1.5 hour. You MUST have an internet connection and I do not trust them as they have been hacked before. ... Read more

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I have been a Quicken user for over 20 years. I recently got conned into paying $249.99 for Quicken 2016 RPM when I called Quicken Support and got Sequential Consulting in India. These technicians only know how to take control of my computer but seem to have little knowledge about the Quicken software so usually a simple question takes over an hour or two while they are running diagnostics and twice now my issues could no be resolved. Trying... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 19
  • #868225

Filed my taxes with Turbo tax early. Received a letter from the IRS two months after filing, needing more information. In the meantime, turbo tax double their fees for service and took it directly out of my bank account without warning. Never using them again and I hope others hear about their deceiving ways and do the same!

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